I sit here and wish you were near

,to hear the sweet words I’d call you dear,

so I sit here and wish you make it clear ,

my eyes will not tear when I think of what I fear,

I sit here and look at my phone,

I’m hoping to get a missed call,

I know I will not get any so I sit here and accept your flaws ,

even though they many ,

I sit here and think of you every day,

every night I go to my knees and pray ,

for the Lord to keep us strong,for us to last long

I sit here and mope ,

one can only hope,

do you love me?I have no clue,

I love you yeah its true ,

I sit here and think of you ,

gets me every time im a crying mess,

so I sit here and learn to love you less,

I learn to appreciate me more and all my flaws adore,

I sit here and wipe that tear stain,

watch all my efforts go down the drain,

through my pain I will gain,

so I sit here and finally see the good in goodbye



Hello, you , yes you,

My name is peace,

At the commands of the rich I bleed,

For the levels they want to reach I bleed,

Their need to feed makes me bleed,

They send their kids to read,

Their skill will pay the bill ,

Isn’t it what they believe?

We live in a society where the bad thrive,

And the good strive to survive,

Supporters of the good slowly end ,

A burned bridge cannot be mend,

Forcefully our knees we bend ,

To a new reign , a new terror ,

A never ending cycle ,

So please cut the shit ,excuse my french ,

An eye for an eye will make the world blind ,

Let it sink into your mind ,

Then maybe your actions will be kind ,

Fighting for peace is like screwing for virginity,

And at what cost the loss of dignity?

All the greed ,the hate , the negativity ,

Is just a distraction from the beautiful feeling of tranquility,

Cant you see?

Give me a chance,

Take my hand ,lets dance,

Dont be haste ,just a glance,

Into my beautiful trance ,


Early Sunday morning,

I knew you would come to wake me up ,

I’m sorry that you cannot unsee,

Unsee my lifeless body on the cold floor ,

The cold floor that heard my sad whispers,

Sad whispers of what seemed like a goodbye.

I’m sorry you have to break it to mother ,

Tell her im finally at peace ,

Hold her when she cries ,

Wipe the tears that will fall,

Be brave when you tell father I finally did it,

Tell him that even after all the boxing lessons I was not strong enough to fight back ,

Be strong when you repeat the story over and over again,

Be strong when it plays in your head over and over again ,

I know that baby sister will not understand why I dont want to wake up and play,

I promised to take her on a hike or maybe ride a bike and fly a kite ,

She would have wanted to know what bed time story id pick tonight ,

Tell her I’m sorry that sleeping beauty is not waking up anytime soon.

Tell drug that I’m sorry ,

I’m sorry I lied ,

I lied that we would be together forever,

I’m sorry that beneath the beautiful smile were the unshed tears ,

I’m sorry that beneath the I love you were the untold fears,

I’m sorry that the sweet sounds of laughter only hid the wails to well,

I’m sorry that I wasn’t fine and you just couldn’t tell,

Tell my Ex that I imagined he was the one who plunged the knife deep,

But if it will make things better ,

Tell him that the wounds he left are still deeper,

Dear grandma,

Tell God that I’m coming ,

Call my little brother ,the one who never survived to come and welcome me ,

Help him make my bed ,paint my room blue and cook ugali and fish my favourite dish,

I knew we’d meet again ,not under these circumstances nevertheless,

Pray for my safe journey and for God to accept me regardless .